Introducing Ghost Walk

“By all accounts I know of ghosts – and let me tell you, I’m speaking
from experience here – they shouldn’t exist.”

What is Ghost Walk? If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, your justifiably sardonic reaction is probably something like, “I’m about fifty percent sure it’s a book, but apart from that I have no clue.” Looking back on my old blogs, I saw that I assured everyone I was still writing — I just never really went into detail.

So today I’d like to talk a little about Ghost Walk, and I’m equally excited to say that it will be coming out this Tuesday on Halloween. This will be my sixth book, and hopefully representative of my continued growth as a writer and my interest in trying new things. Continue reading “Introducing Ghost Walk”


Don’t Discount the Value of Subtle Representation

Broader representation is starting to become cool, which is great for a lot of people. I for one have been starved for certain kinds of media since I knew how to read, and occasionally, things got a little desperate and I’d find myself searching the bottom of the barrel on fanfiction sites. I’d say those weren’t my proudest moments, but I regret nothing.

The other cool thing is that a lot of people want to get into writing with representation in mind, and while that comes with a host of issues all on its own — e.g., people attempting to write experiences that aren’t their own and falling flat, or accidentally misrepresenting something badly — it’s nice to see that people see the value in it. For a while it was an uphill climb to explain to people just why it was important that everyone see a bit of themselves out there, and how lonely it can feel when not even fictional worlds have people like you in them. Continue reading “Don’t Discount the Value of Subtle Representation”

Writing and Plotting, Then and Now

As I work on my sixth book, Ghost Walk, which is a wholly different type of project than anything I’ve ever worked on before, I’m reflecting on the kind of writer I used to be vs the type of writer I am now. Somewhere along the way, things changed significantly. I didn’t really have a process for my first few books; I was a pantser at heart and in practice, and it worked. There was little to no outlining; I just took anything I had that remotely resembled an idea and ran with it. Now, while I still give myself plenty of freedom, I actually have a process from beginning to end, and I’m starting to think I like it.

These days, here’s how it works. Continue reading “Writing and Plotting, Then and Now”

Hello, I’m Still Writing

If you judge my productivity based on how often I update my blog, and by its content, you might think I gave up writing long ago for no real reason. And while that’s not quite true, I have been dealing with a long list of setbacks combined with a general lack of time for writing. That’s one thing that being a full-time student will do to you. I’d love to be productive on the writing front, but I’m currently learning two years of math that I will never use again in my life. But my bitter ramblings on general education would result in a blog post so long that people would rightfully point out that word count could just have gone in a book instead.

But I’ve still been making progress on the creative front all the same. Unfortunately, for anyone interested in the progress of the Dream Sanctum trilogy, that seems to be on an indefinite hiatus. All three books are written to completion, but cover art and editing are another story. I hope to figure those out in the near future, but for now I’ve decided to focus on things that are more under my control. Continue reading “Hello, I’m Still Writing”

Requirements for Productivity

This isn't my desk, but I kind of wish it was. Pulled from this article, which incidentally is pretty interesting itself.
This isn’t my desk, but I kind of wish it was. Pulled from this article, which incidentally is pretty interesting itself.

I can be a pretty productive person. I have to be—I work two jobs, both from home, NaNoWriMo is coming up and other such things. However, there are requirements. They are rather specific, and some might also call them odd. If things aren’t exactly right, I don’t really get much done.

I think we can all be that way to some degree, though. We all need things to be a certain way in order for us to focus. Otherwise your mind can wander, or whatever you have left to do will nag at you until you get up and fix it. I’m going to share mine, then you can share yours if you so desire! Continue reading “Requirements for Productivity”

Stop The Elitism

“Look at your hat. Your brain cells are floating right out of it! Meanwhile I require this large hat to comfortably house my far superior cranium.”

You might not be the most well-read person in the world. You might not have seen every TV show known to man. You might have missed out on some popular movies over the years. But darnit if there’s one thing you know, it’s that you—and you alone—have the best tastes in the world. Every bit of media you choose to indulge in is superior to what other people read and watch.

Or you’re another type of person completely. You may not watch or read or listen to anything at all, and this is what makes you such an intellectual. Modern media is for the weak of mind, you think. Let the brainwashed public consume and consume, for that is all they are trained to do! Those silly plebeians are throwing away their freedoms by engaging in activities you haven’t personally approved of. Continue reading “Stop The Elitism”

Why Write “Strong Female Characters”?

The question almost implies that such a trait is an unusual abnormality, as opposed to simply human.
The question almost implies that such a trait is an unusual abnormality, as opposed to simply human.

By now a lot of you have probably heard about “strong female characters.” They’re the amazing women across all types of media, seeking out gender roles and smashing them to pieces. They can be found in books and movies and TV shows to the extent that they have a genre all their own. After all, when is the last time you heard of a strong male character, right? They’ve taken fiction by storm, showing that women too can be just as cool as men.

But is that really how it works? As a writer myself I can’t claim to speak for everyone, but I can say what I deeply believe to be true.

The character “category” of strong female character has been growing in popularity, and it has generally been met with positive feedback. But the reason they’re lauded is not because they are so populous — rather, it’s quite the opposite. It’s still a man’s world, and each gender has their assigned roles. The men do this, the women do that, and this often resulted in women being used as support characters or being used as a plot device of sorts. The knight in shining armor is typically a heroic man and the one needing rescuing is a woman. Continue reading “Why Write “Strong Female Characters”?”