My Top Five Subject Recommendations

Anyone who’s been to college, or has ever flipped through a course catalogue, knows there’s a metric butt load of classes you can possibly take. Even if you’ve already decided your major, you might need some filler classes. If you ask for advice on what to take, you’ll probably get a different answer from every person, and those classes will customarily completely coincidentally coincide with their major. (We all love what we do.) I want to try to take more of an objective approach, though there’s still a goal I have in mind when I recommend the classes I do, so if your goal differs from mine, these recommendations might seem wholly unimportant. Keep in mind that these aren’t suggestions for majors, just basic, introductory courses that I think are the most useful.

I’m also slightly limited in that I won’t be talking about classes I haven’t taken or don’t have much knowledge of, because I’m just not informed enough about those subjects to talk about them. But here’s my list! Continue reading “My Top Five Subject Recommendations”


How’s School Going, Anyway?

This is only really here so I can show off a second picture of my school’s library.

One of the reasons I update less frequently than I used to is because going to school full time has me as about as busy as it’s possible to be. Another reason is that I’m secretly boring and running out of ideas, but at least with school I have something to talk about.

This is my fourth semester, and while it’s been stressful, it’s been a wonderful experience. For those not in the know, this is my second attempt at college. My first try was in 2007 after I graduated high school, and I don’t remember how that went. I quite literally don’t remember anything that happened between roughly mid-2007 to late 2009, so something tells me it didn’t go very well. My transcripts also back that up. But this time it’s a new school obnoxiously far from home with a new major and new goals, and I feel like now that I’m going completely of my own volition and doing what I’m interested in, I’m much more equipped to deal with it. Continue reading “How’s School Going, Anyway?”

The Compelling Story of How I Chose My Major

With school starting in a little under two weeks, it’s worth noting that I only just decided what I want my major to be a week or two ago. When I first started thinking about the idea of going back to school, I was torn. I originally went as an English major, and I liked it well enough (or so I thought), but I also really like communication studies. I’d love to take my emphasis in argumentation and persuasion. I also thought about double majoring, but I haven’t gotten there quite yet.

Continue reading “The Compelling Story of How I Chose My Major”

In Which I Try To Convince Myself That Going Back To School Is A Good Idea

If you would have asked me in the beginning of the year if I ever planned on going back to school, probably would have given you an emphatic “no.” I’d given the whole college thing a shot already, and to say my experience was awful would be a comical understatement. Sure, if a degree magically popped into my hand I would take it, but I didn’t want to go through all that again.

But here I am, enrolled in school and classes and everything. Over the past few months I went from dreading the subject to getting quite excited about it. It feels nice to be looking into finishing what I started. Plus I can finally apply for most of those jobs I really, really want. Continue reading “In Which I Try To Convince Myself That Going Back To School Is A Good Idea”

Oh, Yuck. Other People.

As an introvert, I feel like there may be some sort of bias when I say that I don’t like people and I want them all to go away and I want to live in a world where I’m not forced to interact with others. People can be real buttheads sometimes. But I don’t think I’ll ever get that world, so I deal with people in the best way I know how: in severe moderation.

I think another acceptable lesson might be, 'How to do everything yourself at the last minute because no one did their part and oh my god I'm panicking.'
I think another acceptable lesson might be, ‘How to do everything yourself at the last minute because no one did their part and it’s due in like 12 hours and oh my god I’m panicking.’

I came across this image, and I thought it described the fun of group projects quite adequately. Most of us will probably remember group projects from school in a rather negative way, especially if your groups were chosen for you. If you got to choose your own, at least you could pick people who you knew would do a better job than Lazy McClassDitcherson. (I suck at names shut up.) But when your teacher chose your groups, you sat awkwardly at the table with people you didn’t know, silently judging most of them. That guy is the class clown, he can’t possibly be very bright. This girl never does her work. That one smells funny. Clearly I am the smartest person at the table. Continue reading “Oh, Yuck. Other People.”

Craptastical Classics

Don’t look at me like that, Shakespeare. That was my expression when I found out my AP Literature class had a unit based on YOU.

This subject has been touched on a number of times, one most recently by my friend (who happens to feel the same way on this subject as I do), and that’s the subject of classics. Classic books, you know. The really old, really boring, really dull and really horrible books that were written forever ago by currently (and hopefully future) dead people. I might be slightly biased in my thinking, but there you go.

I’m just not a fan of classics, at least not in the way many people believe it should be done. To many, classics are the untouchable, perfect bastions of literary perfection, beacons of awesomeness that can never be recreated or matched by anything ever published ever again. Why? Well… they don’t really ever explain that part. I have never really gotten a straight answer, either. Continue reading “Craptastical Classics”