My Top Five Subject Recommendations

Anyone who’s been to college, or has ever flipped through a course catalogue, knows there’s a metric butt load of classes you can possibly take. Even if you’ve already decided your major, you might need some filler classes. If you ask for advice on what to take, you’ll probably get a different answer from every person, and those classes will customarily completely coincidentally coincide with their major. (We all love what we do.) I want to try to take more of an objective approach, though there’s still a goal I have in mind when I recommend the classes I do, so if your goal differs from mine, these recommendations might seem wholly unimportant. Keep in mind that these aren’t suggestions for majors, just basic, introductory courses that I think are the most useful.

I’m also slightly limited in that I won’t be talking about classes I haven’t taken or don’t have much knowledge of, because I’m just not informed enough about those subjects to talk about them. But here’s my list! Continue reading “My Top Five Subject Recommendations”


The Complete Pointlessness of Grudges

Common sense would typically tell people to drop something that’s burning them, but that’s giving humanity a lot of credit.

Grudges are powerful creatures of thought resting up in your cranial region, occasionally stabbing away at your heart and emotions just for kicks. If you ask them why, they’ll say, “Because we can,” and start stabbing harder. That’s what they do. Grudges are jerks.

The problem with grudges is that it’s hard to get rid of them, and perhaps rightly so. Grudges are formed out of events that inspire heated emotions like anger and betrayal, and it’s hard to get over things like that. Some people reason that grudges are a good thing because it helps ensure that your lesson is learned, that you don’t forget, and that you don’t get burned more than once. The logic here is that, by being continuously reminded of what happened, you won’t let yourself fall prey to suffering any of the same pain again. Continue reading “The Complete Pointlessness of Grudges”