Adventures in Finding My Biological Parents (Part II)

If you looked at the title and thought, “Wait, there was a part one?” it’s okay. It’s been so long I almost forgot it was there, too. But this is indeed a continuation of this post, and this is definitely worthy of an update.

As a brief refresher, I decided to officially start looking for my biological family in early 2015. I’d always known I was adopted, but literally nothing more than that. Not a birth date, not a location, zero information whatsoever. I’d always been curious, but because of my lovely adoptive family, I had never felt wanting. Eventually, however, sheer curiosity overwhelmed me. My health starting to deteriorate was partially a motivator. All my life I’ve had no family medical history to draw upon, and it’s getting more and more important as time goes on. Continue reading

Adventures in Finding My Biological Parents

Some weeks after the cutoff for New Year’s resolutions, I came up with one that I actually wanted to follow through on. I don’t usually do those sorts of things, but it was close enough to January 1st that I thought making it a resolution instead of just a thing I want to do would help give it a little extra oomph. Not that it really needs it, but it makes it sound a little cooler.

This year, to the best of my ability, I’m going to be trying to find my biological parents. I have no idea who they are, where they’re from, where they are or even if they’re still around. So mysterious are these people, in fact, that I don’t actually know what my birthday is. Whoever my parents were, they dropped me off somewhere and were long gone by the time I was found. As cool as that sounds, it makes things a little bit harder. It does remind me slightly of Harry Potter, and though I do have a scar somewhere on my forehead, I have yet to develop any magical powers, which is kind of disappointing. (On the plus side, no dark lords trying to murder me.) Continue reading