How’s School Going, Anyway?

This is only really here so I can show off a second picture of my school’s library.

One of the reasons I update less frequently than I used to is because going to school full time has me as about as busy as it’s possible to be. Another reason is that I’m secretly boring and running out of ideas, but at least with school I have something to talk about.

This is my fourth semester, and while it’s been stressful, it’s been a wonderful experience. For those not in the know, this is my second attempt at college. My first try was in 2007 after I graduated high school, and I don’t remember how that went. I quite literally don’t remember anything that happened between roughly mid-2007 to late 2009, so something tells me it didn’t go very well. My transcripts also back that up. But this time it’s a new school obnoxiously far from home with a new major and new goals, and I feel like now that I’m going completely of my own volition and doing what I’m interested in, I’m much more equipped to deal with it.

If all goes well in terms of being able to get the classes I need, fall of 2017 will be my last semester in Santa Monica. I’ll be able to get my shiny AA degree and move on to a four-year university, which will hopefully put me at the school I want to go to for both my BA and MA in communications. That sounds like it’s all very far away, but I feel like I only started school a few weeks ago, so it’s so strange to think that I’m getting close to done with my first major milestone.

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about this whole experience is the feeling of moving forward again. I felt a little stuck for a while, but now I feel like I’m on the path to accomplishing something. I was content before, but now that I have a chance to work hard at something, I’ve found there’s a lot of ambition that needs to be exercised. I have big goals and plans now, and I’m happier now I feel like I’m actually working toward them. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting other people who share this desire to constantly move forward and to try for bigger and better things, and I feel like they bring out the best in me.

So far the high points of school have been the people I’ve met, my fun classes, and my work paying off. I’ve kept a 3.9 GPA and joined my school’s honor society, and that includes all the math classes I had to take; I previously dreaded math because I thought I was awful at it, and while it’s still definitely not my favorite subject, I’m finding out I can do it if I work at it. I also decided to start learning ASL, which I hope to take as far as I can, and while it has been a very intense class, I have an amazing professor, and it’s a lot of fun.

Also my school’s library is gorgeous. That on its own is pretty fantastic.

The only downsides so far are probably the drive (about 160 miles daily round trip), the long days (leaving home at 6.30am and getting home at 11.30pm), and the occasional difficult professor. For example, one reason my GPA is 3.9 instead of 4.0 is because of a creative writing professor who only gave B grades no matter what. Imagine my chagrin at one of my only Bs being in creative writing. Good grief.

Beyond that, it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. It’s been tough, but the hard work feels rewarding, so that’s not really a bad thing. I wouldn’t complain about more time to sleep, but that’s a given no matter what I’m doing. I feel like I’m always improving in some respect, and it’s good to feel like I’m moving forward again. I’m certain things will go better this time around, and I’m glad I was willing to step out of my comfort zone and give it another go.

With the way things are going I might actually have an interesting post for my next blog! But if you made it this far, thank you for indulging me.


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