Escape In An Hour, Or You Die

Yay, we died! Time to celebrate anyway.

Tonight I tried my first escape room. Myself and eight others were kidnapped, and then we woke up in a room where a girl on a TV said that we had one hour to figure out how to escape or the poison in our watches would kill us all. This particular escape room was in Los Angeles, and though they apparently do multiple kinds, this one was based off a game series I hadn’t heard of called Zero Escape, though now I kind of need to look it up.

I only just recently found out about the escape room thing. I’ve known about the games for ages; start in a room, click on everything, find keys, solve puzzles, figure out how to progress, that sort of thing. It turns out you can do it in real life, too, and I thought that was the coolest idea ever. It took nine of us, which was a lot more than I thought, but it was done really well.

There were three separate rooms off the main room, and there were three people to a room. Each room varied in what puzzles we had to solve, and we were locked in and couldn’t communicate with the others until we escaped. It was just like the games: solving puzzles, finding clues, etc. All the while ominous music played in the background and our captor kept gleefully pointing out how much time we had left.

Since we were all locked in our rooms in groups, we couldn’t progress until all three groups got out. But even when we were out of our individual rooms, we weren’t done. There was a puzzle we all had to solve together. And then, just when I thought we were done… we had to do more! We only had a minute left by the time we started the very final step, but at least we did decently before we died. The final puzzle was something we could have done easily enough if we had the time to do so.

All in all it only lasted an hour, but it was well worth it. It was definitely a unique experience, that’s for sure. And now I have a general idea as to how it works, we’ll probably do better next time. For being thrown in without any idea what to do, and it actually being pretty challenging, I think we did well.

The best part about not actually dying was going to dinner right after, because I hadn’t eaten yet that day.

But if this is your thing, I’d definitely recommend looking to see if there’s one near you, because it’s real life now and it’s crazy fun.


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