Hello, I’m Still Writing

If you judge my productivity based on how often I update my blog, and by its content, you might think I gave up writing long ago for no real reason. And while that’s not quite true, I have been dealing with a long list of setbacks combined with a general lack of time for writing. That’s one thing that being a full-time student will do to you. I’d love to be productive on the writing front, but I’m currently learning two years of math that I will never use again in my life. But my bitter ramblings on general education would result in a blog post so long that people would rightfully point out that word count could just have gone in a book instead.

But I’ve still been making progress on the creative front all the same. Unfortunately, for anyone interested in the progress of the Dream Sanctum trilogy, that seems to be on an indefinite hiatus. All three books are written to completion, but cover art and editing are another story. I hope to figure those out in the near future, but for now I’ve decided to focus on things that are more under my control.

There’s a distinction I must draw between books I’m prepared to finish and those I simply I have ideas for, because I’ve got anywhere from a dozen to twice that many projects bouncing around in my head and on various notes at all times. Some have characters, some don’t. Some have titles and a vague plot, some have a more refined plot but no title, and many of them are stuck at various plot points I haven’t managed to figure out yet.

But in the name of progress I’m happy to say that at least three will be seeing the light of day. Ghost Walk, The Editor, and Trials of Time should be finishing up (one after the other, of course) starting the end of the year, maybe even sooner if I avoid sleeping enough.

This is as much for myself as it is for anyone who might be even remotely interested; now that the covers are here it’s time to buckle down, and though some people find talking about your goals publicly doesn’t actually help motivate you to reach them, I think it helps a little for me. What’s more, the reception to the upcoming books has been extremely positive, and for someone who often feels as though this writing thing is a hopeless venture that no one really cares about, it means infinitely more than I can properly express.

I won’t go on about what they’re about because that will take far too much space. Ask me to write 70,000 words and I’ll jump at the idea, but ask me to summarize them in four sentences and I might as well sign up for NaNo to do it. I will say the summaries are all on my website, and finish up by saying that there’s a healthy mix of science fiction, fantasy, time travel, magic, ghosts, steampunk and all sorts of fun things. It’s been a while since I’ve looked forward to working on things like this.

And anyway, it feels good to announce that I’ve still got stuff going on, especially after so long without really having anything to show for my efforts. It feels like being a real writer again.


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