It Turns Out Roller Coasters Aren’t For Me

Not quite as scary as roller coasters. Plus this meant that candy was nearby.
Not quite as scary as roller coasters. Plus this meant that candy was nearby. Photo by Ricky Brigante/Flickr

Yesterday I was invited to go with a few friends to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. Despite living about half an hour from Disneyland it’s been over a decade since I last went, so it was almost like a first time for me.

I was incredibly thankful to be invited — especially since it was free for me — though I had a few concerns. I wasn’t sure what the rides would do to me. I have a panic disorder, as well as issues with fatigue and dizziness brought on by some of my medications. So I wasn’t quite sure how I would be able to deal with those.

It turns out that, health-wise, I was mostly fine. There was some dizziness, but I think that after going on Thunder Mountain twice that’s understandable. Especially since I had been on my feet for 11 hours and only slept for four hours the night before.

No, the real issue is that roller coasters scare me to death.

We started out by going on rides like The Haunted Mansion and more visually oriented rides, which were fine (though unfortunately there was a bit of a malfunction and we got stuck on the Haunted Mansion for about twenty minutes). We also went on Pirates of the Caribbean after eating in the Blue Bayou Restaurant, and apart from the one drop, that was fine too.

But then we decided to turn to Thunder Mountain, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. While the first three were mostly acceptable, Space Mountain was a definite no-no. I went through the entire thing holding my breath and keeping my eyes shut tight. I don’t know how long it actually lasted, but it felt like it lasted about ten full minutes of shooting through complete darkness at 900 miles an hour.

Admittedly, this is kind of a bummer. Roller coasters look fun, and I enjoyed some of them without too much issue, so I thought I could handle anything. That and I’m surrounded by friends who love coasters, including the ones that loop and corkscrew and everything that would now probably make me burst into tears as soon as I remembered to breathe again.

But we finished the night with bags full of candy and a spectacular fireworks show, so everything was all right. I went home, went to bed and instantly fell asleep, waking up 19 hours later. That’s not an exaggeration either.

Unfortunately I don’t have a great camera, and my phone’s camera wasn’t able to get many good shots, so I hope to have some better equipment for next time — because I’m definitely going again. That and I’m totally going in costume. I just need to decide which princess to be.

Someone tell me I’m not the only one who can’t handle roller coasters. Also, favorite rides at Disneyland?

Featured image by Tom Bricker/Flickr


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