Requirements for Productivity

This isn't my desk, but I kind of wish it was. Pulled from this article, which incidentally is pretty interesting itself.
This isn’t my desk, but I kind of wish it was. Pulled from this article, which incidentally is pretty interesting itself.

I can be a pretty productive person. I have to be—I work two jobs, both from home, NaNoWriMo is coming up and other such things. However, there are requirements. They are rather specific, and some might also call them odd. If things aren’t exactly right, I don’t really get much done.

I think we can all be that way to some degree, though. We all need things to be a certain way in order for us to focus. Otherwise your mind can wander, or whatever you have left to do will nag at you until you get up and fix it. I’m going to share mine, then you can share yours if you so desire!

  1. I need to be dressed for the day. I don’t do the whole stay at home and work in pajamas thing. Even if I don’t leave the house, I need to be dressed like I will at a moment’s notice. This includes having my hair done. I’m picky about that.
  2. My environment has to be tidy, just so. Bed made, laundry put away, desk clean and free of clutter. I like a good clinical cleanliness. (Some say a creator’s work area needs clutter; I vehemently disagree.)
  3. I need silence, or at least ambiance that isn’t distracting. Some people need music or other sounds to keep them going, but I can’t focus if there’s too much going on in the background. I can listen to music to get myself in the mood to writing, but when I actually am, I need hush hush.

This is a basic start, but the most important stuff. If everything is right (or at least moderately so) I can get stuff done in good time.

So what about you? What do you absolutely need in order to be productive? Are you the type of person to have every other little thing done before you can sit down, or can you get to work quickly regardless of the circumstances?


2 thoughts on “Requirements for Productivity

  1. Sounds like you and I come from opposite ends of the spectrum. I am chaotic, messy, can’t concentrate without music – it doesn’t have to be loud or anything just background noise, and I love spending the day in my frumpies… 😉

    (however I do not work at home, so my opinion could change drastically if presented with the opportunity)

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