I Skip The Boring Parts

Listen to this cat, he is definitely not being sarcastic.
Listen to this cat, he is definitely not being sarcastic.

When it comes to doing just about anything, I know that I need to spend every moment doing something that’s fulfilling and worthy. That’s why I spend most of my day at work sitting here staring off into space or refreshing the same websites over and over again. I haven’t quite got the time management thing figured out, but I’ll spend time working on that later.

Anyway, when it comes to playing games, watching movies, reading books and writing books, it’s the fun stuff that matters. When I’m watching Lord of the Rings and any part with the ents comes on I have to fight the urge to fast forward. Sure, anything worth saying takes a long time to say, but could you hurry it up please and thank you, I’m on a schedule here. You might be out saving Middle Earth but I’m sitting here and my snack is getting cold.

While I won’t always skip parts I find boring, the temptation is always there. I know media is highly subjective, so what I find boring others might find completely enthralling. But I still find myself occasionally wondering why on earth some parts were added in.

Okay, so there needs to be something to even out the action and excitement. There needs to be downtime. And I’m sure creators don’t mean for it to be boring! But darnit sometimes it is. The question is, how can you get around that?

I tend to write what I like to read. When it comes to downtime, there are still things you can do to make things interesting. Inject some humor. Gloss over events that don’t really need to be explained, focus on some dialogue and growth and character development and things. Now, not everything has to have a purpose, but this doesn’t mean you should chuck random filler in there either. Also, if your characters are deep and interesting, people will be more forgiving. I’m more than willing to brave dull scenes if cool characters are in them.

So when it comes to what I like, sometimes I’ll skip over the dull scenes. And honestly I’ve never really felt like I’ve missed much. I try not to skip if only because I’m a completionist, but sometimes it’s just too hard to keep going.  It could be called a bad habit but if I’m not really pulled into whatever I’m doing, it’s not an enjoyable experience.

Do you ever skip over the boring parts? Do you feel skipper’s guilt or are you confident that time enjoyed is time well spent?


10 thoughts on “I Skip The Boring Parts

    1. It’s been ages since I read that series, but I do remember that there were definitely parts I wanted to skip over. >_> Refresh my memory, was this when he was in training?

  1. Skipper’s guilt… heh. That sounds funny. You know I don’t like skipping, even when I did skip in American Gods I did it badly. 😦 However, my eyes do tend to glaze over when I’m reading the dull parts, so I guess it’s kinda the same… somehow? >.>

    1. Sorta, though at some point you realize you’ve been reading the same words over and over and can’t remember a thing, so then you go re-read it all again anyway. It’s a horrible process.

  2. Any time I skip something I realise that something important was in that section, so then I have to go back and find what I missed.

    My solution is simple. If I get bored (book, film, whatever) I put it down. Life is too short for me to get caught up in boring stuff.

    1. That’s a good way to go about it, though I’m too much of a completionist to do that… if I start something, I have to finish it one way or another. That’s generally what leads to the skipping, It is frustrating when you miss something though. Sometimes I wish I could ‘read’ a book instantly just by looking at it, then let my brain sort out all the details after.

  3. Haha! That’s an interesting thought. I can understand being a completionist, but maybe you should try putting something down sometime when it starts to bore you. Stop reading a book midway through and give it to charity so that you can’t finish it. It’s a delicious and rebellious feeling.

  4. Yes yes yes.
    I used to plow through every scene, no matter how mind-numbing, because I felt that a book had to be written in sequential order. In those days I NEVER FINISHED ANYTHING. When I finally started skipping the stuff that bored me a miraculous thing happened….I reached the end of the story! Sure I still had to go back and fill in the holes I’d left behind, but that was a lot better than NEVER FINISHING.

  5. Some how I feel skipping is just wrong (unless you have already watched/read it) I gasped after reading this. Your definitely living life on the wild side, while I sit and watch the whole thing your skipping away.

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