Your Work Environment

This is my bookshelf. Things aren’t organized how everyone likes them, but they’re organized how I need them. This is also just like half of it; the full thing is about twice my height.

For those who have come across my blog before, you might notice something different today. Yes! There’s a new post! But also there’s a new theme. I was kind of experimenting again and playing around with the grand total of almost no themes that caught my eye, but I sort of like this one. Who knows if I’ll keep it? And this is relevant, don’t worry.

A lot of people need to have a work area that is just so. Some people can work anywhere, and I really kind of envy those people, because I’m the exact opposite. Everything in my work area, even me, has to be tidied up and ready to go. I know many people are the same way: if something is out of place or incomplete anywhere around them, they can’t focus on work until it’s taken care of. It’s one of the reasons my parents could always tell when I had a big assignment coming up — my room was spotless and no actual work was done yet.

When it comes to getting things done, I’m very much a person that needs a rather bare work space. The emptier the better. Some people like a cozy work area, some people like it crowded, I really don’t. At least in terms of my desk itself, anyway. If something isn’t absolutely necessary, it can’t be on my desk.

The room itself also has to be tidy. Bed made, stuff put away, no loose objects anywhere… everything has to be in its rightful place. If it’s not, I can’t focus until it’s done, and I find myself becoming restless. I’m very, very much a stickler for having my work place all clean and professional-looking.

When it comes to me, I have to be ready for the day: dressed like I’m going out, hair all taken care of, everything. People talk about a welcome chance to sit at home in their pajamas and whatnot, and I can’t do that. It bothers me. I don’t actually know why, it’s just a preference thing.

This also goes for my computer! All my tens of thousands of files are named and organized, numerically if necessary. Every. Single. One. There are no spare icons on my desktop unless I’m in the middle of a project; after that they’re cleaned up. All my computers’ files are synced so everything is the same on both, even the wallpaper (Dropbox makes this an easy task). I go through my music and image folders to make sure I only have what I really want to use. I even make sure to clean out the files on my phone from time to time.

Yeah, I’m really kind of picky. But it’s what I need to work.

Of course, I know not everyone is the same. It’s part of the reason I have trouble working at another person’s work station. But that’s also what makes it fun. Do you need anything in particular to work and focus? If so, how picky are you?


7 thoughts on “Your Work Environment

  1. I’m very jealous of your bookcase. I’ve been trying to figure out where to put all my books that won’t fit on the two bookcases I currently have. Space is an issue since I have a pretty small room. Great post, by the way. I’ve never truly considered how I need my environment in order to work. Quiet is always good, though….

    1. Haha, space is definitely an issue. When I move into a better place I’m thinking about making sure that one of the rooms will be used as a library. No other way around it, and I really don’t want to give up all my books!

      And yeah, quiet is definitely a plus. When it gets too loud I just can’t work at all. i can’t work with music going either, which is the first thing that people recommend… needs to be quiet. Unfortunately that’s a rare thing ’round here.

  2. My husband is like you, Kay. He likes everything “dress right dress.” I can work in clutter, but prefer not to. I work at home, but I’m definitely not a work in pajamas or slippers person. I, too, like to fully dress and put on a pair of shoes before I start my day. I did chuckle a little at your file organization on your computer. 😉 And I like your new theme.

    1. I just don’t know how people do it. D= They’re comfy enough, but it just nags at me until I’m dressed right and proper. I have a feeling that I’ll be dressing in coat tails and everything before I even go downstairs when I’m an older gent.

  3. You know I could stay in my PJs the whole day if given the chance. xD But I’m not too picky! I could work or write even if the room’s an entire mess, as long as the AC is on and I have something to drink or eat. =D

    Also you should’ve posted a picture of your desk. >.>

    1. Well luckily we won’t have to worry about that sort of thing… you’re going to help me clean. >.> And you know, I thought about doing that, but I dunno. Maybe another time!

  4. I think your bookcase is tidy. I don’t have a desk to keep tidy. The kitchen table is handy for a most things but only one thing at a time, so I suppose that is tidy. I don’t write as such either, but I love reading and learning, and know a good piece of writing when I read one, looking forward to reading more of yours. Best wishes.

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