I Admit It: I Hate Summer

Summer is nice for looks, but that’s about it. And even then, the other three seasons could beat it in terms of aesthetics.

Right now is the time when kids are heading back to school or getting ready to do so. Summer is coming to an end, school supplies are being purchased and days at the beach live on only as memories in Facebook photo albums.

And you know what? Good bloody riddance. I don’t like summer. I used to like summer because it meant a break from school, but eventually my dislike of this particular season overpowered my dislike for homework and horrible teachers. I haven’t been a fan of summer for quite some time, and I don’t see that changing unless they find a way to make air conditioners run for free.

I get along well with the other three seasons. Winter is a bit dull, but since I’m in Southern California, that’s to be expected. It also means that when we get our one short snowfall per decade, everyone goes nuts and acts like it’s the best thing ever (which it pretty much is). Autumn has nice weather and looks amazing, and spring not only looks nice but comes with a bunch of awesome smells as well. Since my backyard has about three dozen fruit trees in it, the smell of blossoms can’t be beat.

But summer? Yuck. It’s hot. Way too hot. Far over a hundred degrees for weeks in a row, throwing in some humidity for fun on occasion, sun burning every human being to a crisp (except you lucky folk who don’t burn), and did I mention the heat? It’s not fun at all. I burn quite easily, and I always plan for getting far less sleep during the summer just because it’s that ridiculously hot. And it’s not fair.

Cold weather also invites nice, hot drinks. Hot Chocolate (and maybe coffee) are nice with a good book and a fireplace.

If I had to choose, my favorite season would be spring. It’s warm without being too hot, and Mother Nature has decided to put on her best outfit. Everything is nice in spring. My second would have to be autumn. It’s nice and chilly and everything still looks nice. There’s some occasional wet weather, and I like taking walks or going to hang out with people much more. Winter comes last, but it’s still very nice. That’s the season where I get to turn on the heater and smell that haven’t-used-the-heater-in-months smell. Everything looks kind of dead, and we don’t really get snow, so those are the downsides. But I do love me some winter weather. I sleep so very well then.

Of course, what season you prefer the most probably depends on where you live. Whereas my winters are boring and without snow, some people get picture-perfect snowfall, and still others get about thirty feet of snow and can’t do anything and hate everything about life. Some people get rained in and see the sun about as often as we see snow. And still, somehow, I think I would take all of that over this damn heat. It’s to the point where I start celebrating if my room gets under 86 degrees by 4am.

Tell me about your favorite season! And if you’re one of those people that don’t really burn at all ever, let me bask in your awesome and be envious of you.


8 thoughts on “I Admit It: I Hate Summer

  1. Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons! You know I can’t stand summer either. The heat and humidity leave me incredibly cranky most of the time. And I don’t think I’m awesome, because I burn pretty easily too. =C

  2. Living in England, in East Anglia – the bump that sticks out into the North Sea – we don’t get the sort of summers you do – and I am very pleased we don’t. I wouldn’t be able to cope. I love cool summers. When everyone is dancing around delighting in a heatwave, I am indoors.
    My skin is fair and burns unless I cover it up. I get a headache when it’s hot. I sweat – no-one else seems to?! – I feel lethargic and can’t get anything done.
    And I don’t like winter much either. Don’t like the lack of light, where grey skies sit on your head and it never quite gets daylight.Hate snow. Yes I do. I know nearly everyone else in the world loves it. I do not. Even as a child. Nasty cold stuff that numbs your fingers.
    So I too am a spring and autumn person. And those wintry days where it’s cold but bright are lovely too.

    1. See, the thing for me is that I can count the number of times I’ve seen snow on one hand. xD It was a huge deal for me. And I kinda like the gloomy weather more. I think it’s because we get tons of sun all year round, so anything that is a break from that is more than welcome. Wind, rain, storms, you name it. (And on a side note, I really, really love thunder and lightning.) Sun showers are also fantastic.

      1. I suppose you admire what you’re not used to. And the British are terrible with snow. We don’t get enough to know what to do about it, there are hardly any snow ploughs and the country grinds to a halt.
        And it’s not so much the weather as the sky: the lack of daylight. When it’s grey for days on end.
        But I don’t envy you the heat. You can keep that!

  3. Irish here. To be honest, all the seasons are pretty much the same; no snow, no 30 degrees days, no storms or hurricanes. And to be even more honest, I like the boring predictability. Plus I love to write when it’s pelting rain.

    1. Yeah, I think the darker weather and stormier weather really does a lot for the muse. If nothing else, a lot of food tastes better in that weather, anyway.

  4. Spring is my favourite season because I can decide to indulge in ice creams one minute and settle on hot chocolate or coffee the next for the weather just permits so. Here in Singapore summer is all year round, which means before travelling to Europe, I had no damn clue what any other seasons were like. But I am glad to be able to experience spring and winter, and now that is left is autumn.

    Oh, and just like you, I hate summer.

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