Catching Up On Sleep

Sometimes I feel like this. Other times I fall asleep as soon as I get into bed.

When people talk about sleep, I always say that I don’t really like it. It’s an unfortunate necessity, I says. All that time spent doing nothing, I says. Think about how much we could do if we never had to sleep! Think about how much of our lives are wasted away lying there in bed? Isn’t it weird that we dedicate a large portion of our living space to just lying there unconscious?

But I do have to admit that I love sleep. I love it even more when I’m incapable of getting it. This past weekend I was working every waking hour to finish a project on deadline, and then, the night after I finished, I ended up getting a single hour of sleep. Last night was the first night in a while that I was able to sleep more than four hours (and still only managed to grab around six).

It’s one of those “you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone” sort of thing. And it’s very true. I don’t like that sleep is a must-have, but all things considered, it feels pretty darn good. Apart from the project, the other thing keeping me from sleep was the weather. It’s been far over 100 F the past few weeks (about 38 C for the rest of the world), and I’m one of those people that needs to have a blanket over me to sleep. That didn’t work out too well. But last night it finally dropped below 85 F in my room, so I was able to sleep.

When I was browsing the internet last night, I came across a comic that I think pretty adequately described at least one part of the strange sleep process we humans have to endure. I especially relate to this due to some pretty insane insomnia. The dread of waking up after so little sleep and feeling ready to take on the world is pretty foreboding.

I’ve never tried typing with my tongue, but I’m happy to say that I keep my keyboard clean enough so that attempting it would not kill me. –Source

Either way, while I don’t like having to sleep, sleep itself feels pretty darn good once I’ve admitted defeat and gone to bed. And when I can finally sleep for any decent amount of time, that is. Being a natural lucid dreamer also adds to the coolness, I’ll admit.

Thanks for reading. Now go to bed.


17 thoughts on “Catching Up On Sleep

  1. Oh Bug. You always amuse me so.
    I think I understand what you mean about not liking the need to sleep, but I dunno, I love sleep. It’s like an instant cure to many, many things. But I’m glad I’m able to function properly regardless of how many hours I get!

    1. Wait wait, hold on. Did you just say that you’re able to function properly regardless of how much sleep you get?

      Don’t quit your day job just yet, but I see a promising future in standup comedy with you.

  2. I LOATH that we must sleep in order to not die. And I always wish we could spend less time being asleep, and spend more time doing the eighty bazillion and one (and a half) things that need to be done in a 24 hour period.
    But, I must admit, I LOVE to sleep. Even though it sucks away my time. I have mixed feelings concerning sleep – its more of a love/hate relationship.

    1. It really is, isn’t it? I know that I hate it until I’m lying in my soft, warm bed and everything feels fantastic. Even moreso on days when I can sleep in, the days where I wake up and think, ‘I don’t have to do /anything/ right now.’ Oh well. Maybe science will cure us someday. I’d like sleep a lot more if I could sleep only when I felt like it.

      1. Exactly – I hate it until its morning and I must drag my zombie self out from beneath the warm covers.

        Oh jeeze – a REAL insomnia cure would be nice… with no side effects.

      2. Hmm. As for getting to sleep, have you tried melatonin? I didn’t think anything would ever work for me until I tried that.

  3. This post made me laugh. This is pretty much how I feel, specially after starting my first book. I’ve pushed my no-sleep limit a bit hard and now I guzzle coffee by the gallons.

    Nice to see someone who shares my love/hate relationship with sleep.

    1. I actually have yet to try coffee… I’m so weird. I wonder if it would do anything to me. If so, I might never sleep again. 0.o;

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